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PolyandriyaAbout us

Polyandria publishes books that help to increase interest of young readers to the diversity of the surrounding world and solve the complexity of becoming adult. Therefore we are interested in literature that puts crucial questions to kids and gives simple and clear answers.

Our books will help both children and adults in developing useful curiosity; teach how to withstand life difficulties, understand their nature.    

Illustrations form one of the main components in the “recipe” of a good book. Kids that still cannot read perceive the meaning of the books through pictures. Pictures help elder children to imagine better the content of reading.  Illustrations awaken imagination of a kid, develop creativity and educate the artistic taste. Talented artists – international prize winners, are not just reproducing the reality but transform it for kids into the new mysterious world on the pages of the book. 

Our books will not only provoke kids’ interest in reading, but, what is more important, interest in life, learning and understanding of the global multifaceted world which surrounds them.

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